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Kingdom People

Jesus selected some disciples to be with Him in His ministry. They came from different backgrounds and had different skill sets and gifts. One thing that they had in common is that they were kingdom people.

Jesus took them aside to the mountainside to have a time of sharing and teaching. He revealed to them what kingdom people were like. He was very clear that this had nothing to do with qualifications, earnings, giftings or talent. It was all about quality of character. He was stating the characteristics of people who were of His kingdom.

He told them that they were the salt of the earth and that their purpose was to affect the world and infuse the flavor and essence of godliness and Christlikeness which is the standard quality of kingdom people, into the world.

He made it clear that as the salt of the earth, they were to maintain their saltiness in a world that was bland and tasteless and had lost its flavor.

Salt has a deep and lasting effect on anything it touches. Not only does it give flavor, but it has a preserving effect that enables that to which it is attached to be preserved and endure. Salt gives life and vigor to that which is ordinary and bland.

The purpose of salt is to invigorate and lift that which is otherwise dull and lack taste. Kingdom people are the salt of the earth. What salt is to food, kingdom people is to the place where they live, work and play. Jesus gave the disciples another characteristic of who kingdom people is.

He told them,  “You are the light of the world”. “Let your light shine so bright that people can see your light and good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. You must illuminate the place where you are. Do not hide your lamp under a shade or cover it up. Let it shine brightly. Your light must stand out. It must be in a place where everyone can see it and benefit from it.

The world is full of darkness and people are lost, lonely and in despair. No one likes to be in darkness. The only light that the world will get is the light we share. Kingdom people are salt and light. Can we have some saltshakers and light posts?