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Distinctive Difference

In a world full of conformity, Christ calls His followers to a revolutionarily different way of life that cannot be ignored.

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About Roy Benjamin

Roy Benjamin is an author, speaker and thought leader who has served in several IT positions for   26 years. He worked as a Network Control Engineer at AT&T for 7 years and also served as the Vision Leader and Chief Consultant for a startup tech company in Atlanta.

He combines his wide-ranging technical expertise and broad understanding of multiple disciplines to help organizations. He also integrates his knowledge of products, services and internal operations to create successful outcomes. He has advised on various technology systems and procedures.

Roy has a background in outreach ministry, community development and government.  His employment experiences have included serving as Executive Director of Youth for Christ in St. Kitts in the Caribbean and Assistant to the Minister of Communications, Works and Public Utilities in the federal Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Roy is passionate about Ministry Outreach and believes that churches and ministries must be mission oriented and has developed a program called Outreach Systems to help them reach their communities.

He is a strong advocate of outreach to men and is very involved in his church’s men’s Bible study and an outreach program for men called Power to Become.

He is the author of Mission Vison Passion, a book about leadership strategies in Nehemiah and have written on several other subjects. As a gifted speaker, he’s travelled extensively, speaking at various churches and events and is currently available to speak at regular services, conferences, evangelistic meetings and offers consultation services for Outreach Systems on many topics and issues.