Services Offered

Motivational Presentations

Roy Benjamin is a dynamic, entertaining and thoughtful speaker who gives addresses and presentations to the following diverse range of audiences –

  • Church and Missions conferences
  • Men’s meetings and retreats
  • Regular Church services
  • Community forums
  • Business breakfasts
  • Service club events
  • Youth gatherings
Popular presentation topics include:  –
  • Building Strong and Resourceful Communities
  • Ministering to Communities in Crisis
  • Leadership Lessons in Nehemiah
  • Searching for the Missing Man         
  • Choosing to live fearlessly
  • The Birth of a Mission
  • Vision and Outcomes
  • Change, Transformation & Renewal
  • Seeing Tomorrow Today
  • Calling all Men

Consulting Services

Roy has designed and developed a range of programs and workshop packages that organizations and groups may find useful for their operations.

These include:

Mission Action Plan

This MAP is to provide the leadership and members with a summary of the goals of the organization and a vision for the future.

Mission Outreach Project

The MOP describes what the organization is going to do and why they are doing it and it converts the MAP into an action-oriented project.

Mission Impact Assessment

The MIA is a tool for evaluating the likely consequences of a proposed major action which will significantly have an effect after that action is taken.

Future Community Model

A process to develop a strategy document that will help to affect change in the community over a short-term and long-term period.

Mission Outreach Roadmap

The MOR is used to visualize innovation efforts across the organization that will allow them to improve the planning process and make informed decisions about the future.

Vision Planning

The Vision Plan communicates what the leaders believes is the best plan for the organization and makes these beliefs and governing principles clear to the greater body, as well as staff and volunteers.

Community Asset Mapping

This is a capacity-focused program to find current resources, list relevant assets and build an inventory of resources that can be used to support the community.

Comunity Initiatives

A training series to help take the message of love, hope and peace to communities.  The series includes the following topics:

Community Support Systems A look at the various systems that work together to support the community.

Community EngagementA seminar that teaches attendees how practical community engagement is used as an active method of implementing change.

Community Transformation Process – A series of workshops aimed at uniting residents and institutions in guided conversations that foster community collaboration and progress

Community InvolvementA presentation on the various factors that influence a community and how to affect it

Teaching & Study Groups

Roy is also involved in teaching and facilitating Small Groups.


  • Word for Men – A series of teaching and studies on topics for men.
  • Mission Groups – A small group gathering with a focus on outreach mission
  • Power to Become Seminars – Seminars for change and transformation

Want More Info?

Roy is seeking involvement with organizations that are genuinely seeking to embrace change and are ready and prepared for the effort and costs in making that change a reality.  He would like to add value to your existing work by providing useful resources, best practice experiences and helpful networks.