Outreach Systems

Effectively Reach Your Community With Your Message

We work with small to medium sized churches, ministries, and organizations to develop outreach campaigns and outreach communications.

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Geographical Outreach

Community Mapping

Map of a city - mapping your region

Digital Outreach

Leverage Technology

Digital Connections Concept

Team Outreach

Joint Effort

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Our Mission

Is Your Ministry Finding it Difficult to Meet Target Objectives?

Undefined  Vision

Do you find it difficult to define exactly how you want to engage with your community in a meaningful manner?

Unclear Objectives

Do you know what success looks like in your circumstances?

Technological Hurdles

Does your ogranization lack the technical skill and resources to maximize your productivity?

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It doesn't have to be like that. We can help!

We Can Help

We Provide The Tools to Help You Fulfill Your Mission

We work with our clients to troubleshoot and investigate problem areas, as well as seek out new outreach opportunities.
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We Provide Logistic Planning for Projects & Events

Our appoach employs a suite of systems to help your church idenify potential areas of growth effectivness.
  • Visitor Tracking Systems
  • Membership Databases
  • Program Planning
  • Access to nonprofit pricing for tech resources
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Growth doesn't have to be difficult

An Easy 3-Step Process for Success

To start seeing results on your digital outreach stategy, follow our easy 3-step process.

  • Request an Appointment

    Let's have a discussion about your needs, goals, and future plans.
  • Formulate A Strategy

    We'll create a plan with all the components you need for success.
  • Reach Your Community

    Execute your new outreach plan and grow your ministry.

Total System Approach

We utilize a total system approach that integrates technical expertise with project management consulting practices to foster effective delivery of services.

  • Digital Transformation

    We help your ogranization to leverage new technologies to increase effectiveness

  • Change Management

    Change can be difficult. We can help ease the discomfort of the transition.

  • Project Management

    We help develop and manage outreach projects.

  • Training & Development

    We train your leadership team to navigate the new digital environment.

  • Innovation

    We use our years of technical experience to help improve your ograniational productivity

  • Tech Facilitation

    We're all about support. We'll work with you to make sure new systems work for you.

Multi Tool

We Believe you deserve...

 A Proven Process for Impact

We directly manage content to improve outreach effectiveness and follow a methodical process for impact.

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We would love an opportunity to connect with you about how we can help your organization to grow and become more effective
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