Extend Your Reach Locally & Globally

Change, Transformation and Renewal are the desired outcomes of the effort and it is powered by a strong mission movement, creative vision and people who are passionate about ministry.

There are powerful features to drive real-time interactions with targeted individuals through dynamically generated, personalized communications across email, web, ads and mobile channels.

An outreach ministry platform that combines outreach planning and implementation in one place, and helps ministry teams coordinate better, move faster, and get better results than ever before

Great outreach methods that allows for ease and speed along with the Holy Spirit’s power and flexibility, empowering ministry teams to quickly launch targeted campaigns with the most confidence

The capability to engage people continuously across channels including email, web, mobile, events, direct mail, and social media

Truly integrated capabilities, including outreach campaigns, polls, media publishing, intelligent social sharing, analytics, and more

Information that helps ministry teams optimize keywords, website and landing pages to drive more quality traffic

Insights to help ministries measure and maximize the impact of programs across channels, and amplify the outreach effort

An inquiry process is built in to help understand and track visitors spiritual journey, needs and context across all channels.

The Message

The Messages are geared to all people and designed to touch and affect them in all areas of their lives.

The Mission

build lasting and meaningful relationships and eventually help them to understand and believe the message of Jesus and live victorious and overcoming lives through faith in Him.


The Methods

The Methods are rooted in the belief that you must reach as many people in all the places they are and by all the channels available.

The Outreach

The Outreach is built on a system that allows you to impact more people in quick time and helps to ensure ongoing follow-up and engagement.

We would like to partner with you to help you develop a ministry outreach strategy that will allow you to extend your reach locally and globally. We are seeking involvement with ministries, churches and organizations that are genuinely seeking to embrace change and are ready and prepared for the effort and costs in making that change a reality.  We would like to add value to your existing work by providing useful resources, best practice experiences and helpful networks.

Email us at roy.ben@communityoutreachsystems.com for a free consultation